Why do you need Brokers


Do we really need someone to point out to you where a property is located in today’s day and age when every thing is available online.

As a matter of fact there are a few companies promoting themselves as saviours’ and masiahs’ of clients by eliminating brokers. Gooogle my name along with nobroker and see what comes up. You will be surprised.¬†Anyways, Since I get this question all the time, I decided to answer once and for all.

WHY DO YOU NEED BROKERS? (Answered in Quora)

I’ll answer your question in two parts:

  1. the role of a broker

In the past brokers were guardians of information. if you needed to buy or rent a property in a particular area you needed to visit the area and meet a broker who would show you a few options.

Now all that info is available online then what is he role of the broker? In my professional opinion, the broker is now the translator of information.

His role is not to sell but to assist the buyer to buy

The analogy of a doctor and medical store. You have all the medicines in the medical store (online portal giving information overload) but the doctor (broker) can tell you which medicine to buy.

2. The essence of a broker

I had read this online somewhere and am replicating it. I don’t remember the source to replicating it from memory.

Your doctor secretly wishes that you fall sick

Your lawyer secretly wishes you get sued

Your CA secretly wishes you get a notice from income tax

Your broker wishes you prosper and buy more and more properties.