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Learn the 22 reasons why BROKERS fail in their business. If you want to see breakthrough in your business, then go through the practical situations in this eBook, increase your sales.

Being a real estate broker is a tough profession, especially today, where most of the information is freely accessible online by the potential buyers. This book by B M Pounacha, is ideally suited for realtors who want better results in their marketing.

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Learn the 5 different tricks that builders use to bait their customers. If you want to see through all the marketing noise and make sound investment decisions, then read this eBook.

This book by B M Pounacha, is ideally suited for investors who are looking to buy real estate shortly but are not sure how to decide on the right product. This eBook will also be useful for those who are seasoned investors, where you can improve your decision making skills based on some of these key insights from an industry leader.

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Are you a Realtor? Download the sample chapters from B M Pounacha's published book, "Zero to Hero" which talks about how to close 100 deals per year.

Do you wonder why most brokers earn Rs. 2 lacs a year while a select few earn in crores? Are you struggling to make money as a broker? Are your clients taking you for granted, making you run around and not pay you at the end? Then this book is for you. This book by B M Pounacha, has been published on Amazon.

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