Create A Game Plan To Exponentially Grow Your Real Estate Business

An advanced 2-Day workshop for Realtors who are serious about practically creating a game plan for their business.

27th & 28th July 2016, Bangalore (10am to 5pm)

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Our Mission: "To Help Realtors Generate More Sales Through Proven Sales Techniques & Technology."

22 Reasons Why Brokers Get Frustrated Growing Their Business

Being a real estate broker is a tough profession, especially today, where most of the information is freely accessible online by the potential buyers. Most of the brokers today struggle to sell effectively due to various challenges such as:

  • Not Getting Paid After Doing The Deal
  • Conversion Ratios Are Very Low
  • Don’t Have A Clear Roadmap
  • No Integrity Between Broker Community
  • Lack Of Focus
  • Customers Go Directly To Sellers
  • Not Having Written Mandates
  • Lack Of Product Knowledge
  • Lack of Effective Communication Skills
  • Lack of Effective Ad Writing Skills
  • Wasteful Advertising
  • Poor Time Management
  • Lack of Personal Branding
  • No Proper Sales Scripts
  • No Knowledge Of Vaastu/Feng Shui
  • No Buyer Pre-Qualification
  • No Telemarketing Skills
  • Unable To Handle Objections
  • Lack Of Closing Skills/Shy To Ask Cheque
  • Poor Followup Techniques
  • Poor Referral Network & Chain Link
  • Lack Of Legal Knowledge

Have You Faced Any Of The Challenges Mentioned Above?

Realtor Samurai, 2-Day Workshop Is The Solution To Your Problems

A lot of times we have an intention to grow our business but we really do not get the time to implement our action plans.

In this is the next level of training, after completing Realtor Ninja, you will actually create a customised game plan for yourself over the course of 2 days.

This session will be for a maximum of only 15 participants, so that you get personal time, the group interaction levels will be higher and you can walk out with more value compared the previous workshop.

Do you want a clear roadmap to restart your real estate business with even more focus so that you can generate more predictable income through your deals?

Are keen to learn the practical art of sales, negotiation and objection handling in order to effortless close deals without much stress?

Then REALTOR SAMURAI is the right solution for you.

Day 1

Setting Your Foundations Right For Success

  • The Future Of The Brokerage Industry
  • How To Strategise Your Real Estate Business
  • Self Evaluation Test: Know Your Gap Areas
  • Who Exactly Is Your Ideal Customer
  • What Type Of Real Estate You Should Be Selling
  • Top Mistakes That Most Brokers Do
RESERVE YOUR SEAT(Get 30% Early Bird Discount. Valid Only Till 15th July, 2016)

Day 2

Grow Your Business With More Focus

  • Learn The Art Of Negotiation (+Role Playing)
  • How To Handle Objections Without Stress (+Role Playing)
  • Top Closing Techniques With Scripts (+Role Playing)
  • Goal Setting: How To Re-Structure Your Business To Achieve Maximum Results In the Shortest Time
RESERVE YOUR SEAT(Get 30% Early Bird Discount. Valid Only Till 15th July, 2016)

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RESERVE YOUR SEAT(Get 30% Early Bird Discount. Valid Only Till 15th July, 2016)

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