Develop A Bullet-Proof Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Company Goals With Lesser Stress

This Exclusive BY INVITE ONLY Seminar for Business Heads & Marketing Heads Will Help Maximise Your Overall Marketing ROI.

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Our Mission: "To Help Business & Marketing Heads Reach Their Company Goals & Become Superstars"

8 Reasons Why Business & Marketing Heads Do Not Reach Targets

Overcoming Your Weakness Is The Fastest Way Turn Around Things

  • Too High Expectations From The Owners
  • Limited Marketing Budgets
  • Not Having A Predictable Marketing Strategy
  • Only Focusing On Conventional Methods To Sell
  • Volatility In Market Conditions
  • Not Measuring Team Performance
  • Not Sure How To Scale Quickly
  • Competitors Eating Up Advertising Space

Why Attend?

  • Are You Looking For the Best Bang For Your Marketing Dollars?
  • Are You On A Limited Budget?
  • Are Expectations To High From The Company Owners?
  • Are You Looking To Sell More By Spending Less?
  • How To Compete Against Your Competitors With Having Huge Budgets?
  • What's The Best Strategy For Your Type Of Inventory?
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What You'll Learn

  • Defensive Strategy - How To Hold On To Your Leadership Position (In a city, locality or product segment)
  • Offensive Strategy - How To Effectively Challenge The Current Leader In Your Space
  • Flanking Strategy - How To Defeat Your Competitors In Segments They Are Not Interested In
  • Guerilla Strategy - How To Add An Element Of Surprise In Your Strategy To Attract More Sales
  • MLM Strategy - Can You Really Use This To Sell Real Estate?
  • Other Strategies - Learn Multiple Other Creative Ways To Reach Out To Your Customers
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