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Our Mission: "To Help Real Estate Buyers Purchase Properties With More Confidence & Maximise ROI."

10 Reasons Why Real Estate Buyers Lose Money!

Overcoming Your Weakness Is The Fastest Way Turn Around Things

  • Too Much Information Online - Confused
  • Unable To Handle Legal Issues
  • No Proper Financial Plan Before Investing
  • Unable To Decide On The Right Product
  • Not Sure Which Real Estate Vehicle Is Appropriate
  • Not Sure Which Builder To Choose
  • Not Aware Of Rights As A Consumer
  • Not Sure Where & How To Arrange Funds
  • Unable To Get The Best Deal For Ancestral Lands
  • Not Having A Clear Roadmap On ROI

This Full Day Workshop To Help You Fix All Your Major Challenges

Maximise Your Real Estate ROI by learning practical tips & strategies.

Are you a thinking of buying your next real estate property but too confused with all the information you have on had?

Do you find it difficult to handle any legal issues with respect to your real estate investments?

Are you finding it hard to decide on the right product based on your budget - be it location, city, real estate type and rate of returns?

Do you want clear benchmarks on what rate of returns you can expect through Plots, Apartments, Independant Homes, Villas, Commercial Real Estate as well as Overseas Investing?

Have found it hard to understand term sheets, contracts and other documents which explain your rights as a consumer?

Not sure where and how to arrange funds for your real estate investments?

Then INVESTOR NINJA is the right solution for you.

Session 1

Setting Your Foundations Right For Success

  • Why Real Estate Investing Is Always The Best Vehicle To Pick
  • The Difference Between Real Estate & Other Investment Vehicles
  • Learning The Difference Between Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Warren Buffet vs Real Estate Invetsing
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Session 2

Understanding Real Estate Investment Vehicles

  • How To Choose Which Real Estate Type Is Best For You - Plots/Villas/Apartments/Offices/Retail
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Commercial Real Estate Investing
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Residential Real Estate Investing
  • How To Plan Your Investment Strategy Based ON Your Needs
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Session 3

Best Ways To Finance Your Investments

  • How To Invest In Real Estate Without Having Any Money
  • Understanding The Different Modes of Investment: Individual, Partnerships & REIT
  • How To Use Vendor Finance To Get Double The Rent
  • How To Get A Pre-Approved Loan
  • How To See Through Marketing Gimmicks Of Builders/Sellers
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Session 4

Walk Out With An Action Plan Invest Smartly

  • 6 Key Strategies To Quadruple Your Investments
  • Get Sound Awareness On Real Estate Legalities
  • How Not Go Down The Drain Thru Over Leverage
  • Understand The Basics Of Contracting
  • Learn How To Write A Term Sheet (LOI)
  • Learn How To Structure A Joint Venture
  • Walk Out With A Crystal Clear Action-Plan
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