Dont Burn your fingers while buying Real Estate

Almost every one who has risked anything in life would have got fingers either burnt or coated with nail polish depending on their luck.

Let me share my own story here. In 2007 I bought a “farm plot” for Rs. 84/sft. This is still now sellable at about 150/sft It has taken over 9 years to double in value. That means I have over paid by 50–60% even though I am a real estate expert. obviously back then, i was a novice. Annual returns is less than bank deposit.

I am holding this property as I know that eventually this will appreciate. Technically, I have not yet burnt my fingers, but there nail polish is no where near.

What is the definition of “having your fingers burnt” A little dip in market definitely not.

Moreover, there are not real data collection system for real estate..

So be very careful while buying property. TIP – You make your money when you buy not when you sell!!!