Is it worth buying an old apartment or is it advisable to go for a new one

Is it worth buying an old apartment? Question on Quora: I am planning to buy a home built in 1984. It’s a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath Condo. But having no idea about home buying, I am wondering should I take that step. Usually what is the life time of the home? Will I be able to…

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When buying a small commercial property, what type of due diligence do I need to do?

First – complete legal scrutiny. Use the costliest lawyer you can afford. Second – check the rental agreement for clauses that might be harmful for you as the new owner Third – check if the market is in sync with the deal you are getting Hope that helps. Follow Me On Quora

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Should Real Estate Agents engage a Coach?

The answer is a big yes!! A coach can help you in growing your business keeping you focussed on your target. “I think any business owner should have a coach once you surpass a level of income that allows you to have one. I just picked up a coach within the past two months and…

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I am purchasing one independent house. How much will it cost to prepare a sales deed agreement?

I’ll answer this question in two parts: 1. Cost of preparing the sale agreement: Ask your lawyer to prepare one they charge around 5–10k depending on his level. Don’t try to save money here. Make sure all names, pan numbers and other details are correct check thrice before finalising. Ensure he puts proper indemnity clauses…

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title deed

As an individual, how do I verify the title deed, NOCs, and occupancy certificate of a residential project?

Based on the city you will have different documents to check. katha in bangalore is called Paani in TN and 7/12 in Mumbai – So depending on the city get a checklist made. When you are planning to buy a property, give this check list to the seller and ask him to produce the documents.…

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What Will Be The Real Estate Scene In Bangalore In 5 years?

The scene in 5 years will be very similar to today. What will be different will be that the infrastructure would have improved drastically, but unfortunately would not be fast enough to compete with the growth of the city. There will be multiple municipalities and area approval authorities governing Bangalore. Roads will be wider, but…

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