Return on Investment in Real Estate

How does one know if he is getting good Return on Investment in Real Estate Below is copy of my answer on Quora. There are two categories I would like to consider Residential & Commercial Residential traditionally should give you 3% returns. Smaller units will give higher returns, while larger & costlier units will give…

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Some customers just don’t take decisions

There are no good decisions or bad decisions… only Decisions.. Many years back a wise friend once told me. In the business of selling real estate, you meet a lot of customers looking to buy or sell properties. Your success depends on them making positive go ahead decisions. Sometimes you just can get them what…

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why hire a real estate agent

Should you Hire a Real Estate Agent??

Should you hire a real estate agent??? – I was asked this question on Quora Q: Is there any advantage in selling the property through Real estate professionals instead of selling directly with help of websites like magicbricks, commonfloors, housing, etc., ? Especially in Bangalore. My Answer: I assume you are a property owner and want…

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Here’s How Spending 3% On You Will Advance Your Career

Never underestimate the value of investing in yourself. Many professionals seem to miss out on the importance of it. People are more likely to treat themselves to a new outfit or a nice dinner out, but when it comes to increasing their knowledge and business skills, somehow there isn’t room in the budget. Some of…

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Dont Burn your fingers while buying Real Estate

Almost every one who has risked anything in life would have got fingers either burnt or coated with nail polish depending on their luck. Let me share my own story here. In 2007 I bought a “farm plot” for Rs. 84/sft. This is still now sellable at about 150/sft It has taken over 9 years…

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10 Step Process in home purchase

10 STEP PROCESS IN HOME PURCHASE I was asked this question in quora. Its always wise to invest in real estate, but never invest wisely. Please see my post on “burning your fingers” Pounacha B M’s answer to How many buyers have burnt their fingers in Indian Real Estate? Lets take the process that I…

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Why do you need Brokers

WHY DO YOU NEED BROKERS? Do we really need someone to point out to you where a property is located in today’s day and age when every thing is available online. As a matter of fact there are a few companies promoting themselves as saviours’ and masiahs’ of clients by eliminating brokers. Gooogle my name…

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I am planning on becoming a builder since I am a good broker

Question: Planning on becoming a builder? What could be challenges for a such new real estate development company? Question asked on Quora: people of real estate background worked as brokers and employees..we are planning on becoming builders We are confident that we can sell the project, however i have a question in mind that what would…

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Is it worth buying an old apartment or is it advisable to go for a new one

Is it worth buying an old apartment? Question on Quora: I am planning to buy a home built in 1984. It’s a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath Condo. But having no idea about home buying, I am wondering should I take that step. Usually what is the life time of the home? Will I be able to…

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When buying a small commercial property, what type of due diligence do I need to do?

First – complete legal scrutiny. Use the costliest lawyer you can afford. Second – check the rental agreement for clauses that might be harmful for you as the new owner Third – check if the market is in sync with the deal you are getting Hope that helps. Follow Me On Quora

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