About Us

On a mission to revolutionise the Real Estate Industry.

Real Estate Heroes is all about empowering realtors and investors to leverage the true potential of real estate, to create long lasting value & wealth.

We Help Realtors

Being a real estate broker is a tough profession, especially today, where most of the information is freely accessible online by the potential buyers.

Most of the brokers today struggle to sell effectively due to various challenges such as:

  • Not getting paid after doing the deals are closed
  • Not leveraging latest trends and technology
  • Lack of focus & poor time management
  • Not qualifiying the buyers properly
  • Not having the right negotiation skills
  • Lack of proper legal knowledge

This affects both parties - the realtor and the buyer. The high quality workshops, Realtor Ninja & Realtor Samurai carefully address all these challenges to ultimately help realtors plan better and attract more customers by using the industry’s best practices and latest marketing techniques using technology.

We Help Investors

Real estate investors of today have access to so much of information online, that it sometimes becomes detrimental to the decision making process.

Real Estate Heroes aims at helping investors with the right unbiased information so that they can make more well informed decisions on acquiring all types of asset classes in real estate.

The goal of our Investor focused workshops and coaching programs is to help investors:

  • Buy and sell with more confidence backed by the right knowledge
  • Get a positive cashflow from your investments
  • Get a better awareness on real estate legalities in India
  • See through all the marketing gimmicks of builders
  • Learn the best ways to fund their potential investments

Many times investors end up making the wrong decision based on merely getting information from Google and other portals, rather then getting sound advise from experienced & seasoned investors.

This holistic approach will ultimately help them secure their investments and create true wealth and passive income through real estate.

The high quality programs, Investor Launchpad & Investor Ninja carefully cover all these points to ultimately help investors make the best decisions that are backed by knowledge & get the best value for their money.

The Visionary

Learn more about the man behind this concept, why he created this company and how he plans to transform the real estate industry and positively impact the lives of realtors and investors.

BM Pounacha comes from traditional Coorgi background, is a father of two and though his original dream to join the Indian Army did not fructify...

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The Real Estate DHRONA

Know more about the veteran possessing rich experience in the real estate and financial industry for more than two decades.

Mr. Vikas Mahajan is a real estate veteran and visionary entrepreneur having 22 years of diverse rich experience across real estate and financial sector industry.

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