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We train Realtors and Investors to build and scale successful real estate businesses through high quality workshops, and results-oriented coaching systems.

Our Mission: "To Revolutionise The Real Estate Industry By Changing the Way People Sell or Buy Real Estate"


Learn the principles of selling and investing in real estate, the smart way.


Apply the proven techniques of "more-informed" selling & buying of real estate.


Use technology, systems and processes to quickly grow your business.


Build long term assets that give you residual income and time freedom.

REALTORS - "Double Your Sales In 60 Days?"

Learn proven strategies to help you sell more, negotiate better & create sustainable incomes through real estate.

Today, being a real estate broker is a tough profession, especially where most of the information is freely accessible online by the potential buyers. Our carefully crafted training programs help real estate brokers break through these barriers by applying proven sales, marketing, negotiation and business scaling techniques that can help them generate more sustainable revenues in their profession.

1-Day Exclusive Workshop For Realtors

Realtor Ninja is a full day workshop for realtors and brokers who want to improve their sales by getting their fundamentals right.

In this session you will set the foundations right, uncover the critical mistakes you're currently making in your business and quickly learn a few practical techniques which you can implement as soon as you complete this workshop.

This workshop is only for 30 participants, who can register on a first come first serve basis. Click below to know more about our early bird offer.

2-Day Intensive Workshop For Realtors

Realtor Samurai is all about taking things to the next level. It's an intensive 2-day workshop for realtors who would like to create a detailed game plan for their success.

Over the two full days, you will practically learn how to negotiate better to win more deals and how to systemise your business so that you are able to leverage your time better by only working on interested prospects.

This workshop is only for 15 participants. It is recommended that you first complete Realtor Ninja before you register for this program.

INVESTORS - "Learn How To Invest With Confidence & Get Value For Your Money"

We help investors with the right unbiased information so that they can make more well informed decisions on acquiring all types of asset classes in real estate.

The goal of our Investor focused workshops is to help you buy and sell with more confidence backed by the right knowledge, and to get a positive cashflow through your investments. Our trainings will help you get a better awareness on real estate legalities in India, and also see through all the "marketing gimmicks" of builders.

Exclusive 3-hour Seminar For Investors

Investor Ninja is an exclusive 3-hour seminar who want to get more unbiased knowledge before investing in any form of real state.

In this session you will learn about the different types of real estate asset classes and how you can leverage financial modes to strategise for maximising your returns.

This workshop is for 50 participants, who can register on a first come first serve basis. Click below to know more about our next dates.

1-Day Exclusive Workshop For Investors

Investor Samurai has been crafted for those who want to get a 360 view of how investing in real estate really works.

You will not only learn about legalities and how to pick the right asset class, but will also learn on how to quadruple your money by evaluating various parameters before investing.

This full day workshop is ideally for 30 participants per batch, who can register on a first come first serve basis. Click below to book your seat.

BUSINESS & MARKETING HEADS - "Develop a bullet-proof strategy to help achieve your company goals with lesser stress!"

We help business heads and marketing heads of real estate companies strategise their way to reaching their company's goals. A mastermind of sharp minds is what's needed to reach your targets.

The goal of our exclusive Marketing Monarch Program is to take all those high expectations which have been set forth by your company, into a clear and predictable road map for you to get the best bang for your marketing budgets and improve conversions. We want to make you the super star of your whole marketing process. This workshop has been exclusively designed only for Business Heads & Marketing Heads.

Exclusive Seminar For Business Heads

Marketing Monarh is an exclusive full-day seminar specifically designed for Business Heads and Marketing Heads to get better results in their campaigns.

In this session you will learn to develop the right strategy & get the best value for your marketing budgets. In this program, you will engineer your way to achieving your company's goals.

This workshop is for on 10 participants, who can register on a first come first serve basis. Click below to know more about our next dates.

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